FFT1: Intentional Programming

Intentional Programming

Hey everyone,

I’m going to start a new little blog called FFT (Food for Thought). This will just be things I have been thinking about or have been asked about throughout the week.

The other day I was really thinking about programming and why people have such a hard time with programming their own workouts. After considering my own personal struggles over the years, I think it really comes down to execution of your intent.

It sounds absurdly simple, so let me explain. It is.

Really think about what you are trying to achieve in the gym. Are you trying to get in better shape? Are you looking to lean out a bit (or a lot)? Trying to get big (jacked)? Or maybe you want to be a better athlete? THAT needs to be your priority. Everyone stands to get stronger because it will translate to everything else, but you can do that in a myriad of different ways and it means different things to different people.

Let me give a brief example. Let’s say I play pick up basketball once or twice a week and it is really important to me that I can continue to do that activity and do it well. So what’s the plan then? In the weight room, I’m probably going to focus on general strength of the whole body with medium to mildly high repetitions (5-10). I’m going to put an emphasis on stability, especially through my trunk and I’m going to make sure I maintain a good platform (stable feet and mobile ankles) in order to reduce injury risk. From a performance standpoint, I’m going to work on loading and landing with plyo metrics at the beginning of my workouts. For conditioning I’m going to mix intervals with occasional, longer steady state cardio.

Again this sounds brutally simple but it’s so easy to screw up and get stuck doing crazy stuff that’s going to get you injured.

Always remember intent.

That’s my FFT Friday! I hope you enjoyed the first iteration of this!

This article does not necessarily represent the views/opinions of MadLab Performance LLC. This article is not meant to recommend health solutions in place of a doctor or other medical professional and should only be used to help those reading it gain more information prior to making their own decision.

Josh Kruhm, CPT, USAW-1, WLS, PES

Josh has experience with anything and everything, from prenatal and postpartum care to coaching high school athletes as they prepare for high-level DI careers. He specializes in getting the most out of whoever he is coaching. Josh is the Director of Education for MadLab Performance and manages the company’s personal trainers. He also is a frequent contributing writer for MadLab’s continuing education articles. Josh may be contacted by email at: josh@madlabperformance.com

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