Small Group Training

Find Your Group – And Push Each Other To New Heights

MadLab Performance Small Group Training

Working out on your own can be intimidating. Trust us – we’ve been there before. Walking into a unfamiliar, crowded gym – countless eyes staring at you – each piece of gym equipment looking more intimidating than the last. There’s A LOT to take in.

So imagine walking into a gym and being immediately welcomed by the smiling Personal Training Staff. You look over and see two new workout buddies that you met the week before. Before your workout, the three of you chat about how well each of you stuck to your nutrition plans during the week. During your workout, you start to struggle while on a particular exercise. You’re about to give up – until your workout buddy encourages you to tough it out.

MadLab Performance Small Group Training

At MadLab Performance – that’s what it’s like to be part of our Small Group Training.

Here at MadLab Performance, you won’t receive a ‘cookie-cutter’ workout like you would at other gyms. Instead, our Certified Personal Trainers take the time to assess your movement, analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances, and listen to your goals and desires – all before prescribing a workout that’s designed JUST FOR YOU. Although you will be sharing the same workout while in a small group, the progressions & regressions will be unique and specified for where you are in your fitness journey.

Want to work out with friends? No Problem! You can form your own small group!

Don’t have anyone to work out with? Not a problem either! We will match you with a small group that best fits your fitness goals!

MadLab Performance Small Group Classes Graphic

Don’t see a time you like? Let us know and we will make a class for you!


“MadLab Performance is amazing! The trainers are extremely supportive and positive throughout the workout. They push you to the next level and help you reach your goals. My first goal was to get stronger…check. Next goal? To run again after an ankle sprain. Already in the works. I can’t recommend this place enough! I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to MadLab :).”

Catherine N. – Personal Training Client


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