Our Partnerships

We collaborate with the best in the business to ensure you’re getting the finest care available.

MadLab Performance promises top-notch training and the best results in the business! Since your goals are important to us, MadLab has surrounded itself with like-minded professionals who provide care and services to our clients that are outside of MadLab’s scope of practice.

Physical Therapists

Restore Therapy Spa

914 Washington Road, Westminster, MD
(443) 345-4325

Founded by Dr. Ann Edwards, a physical therapist and certified dry needling expert, restore was born out of a desire to break through the mold of the traditional therapy experience.

Restore Therapy Spa offers physical therapy, dry needling, massage therapy, whole body cryotherapy and amazing renewal therapies (infrared sauna, Celluma light therapy, Normatec compression, BEMER vascular therapy).

For more information about Restore Therapy Spa, visit their website.

Pioneer PT

Mobile Physical Therapy Service
(410) 929-3532

Founder and owner, James Dulkerian, is a doctor of physical therapy specializing in orthopedics, sports rehab, and manual therapy with return to activity, without resorting to surgery, injections, or pain medication.  He believes in preserving high quality care that patients deserve through one-on-one treatments.  

Pioneer PT offers personalized, holistic solutions to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions.  Dr. Dulkerian is the only health care provider certified in myofascial decompression in Maryland.  

For more information about Pioneer PT, visit their website.

Programming and Nutrition Software

MadLab Performance Online Workout Program


MadLab Performance is proud to partner with TeamBuildr to bring you the best possible workout experience. Our coaches are well-versed in this software and will use it to deliver our high quality programs directly to you via the TeamBuildr app on your computer or mobile device.

TeamBuildr allows us to track all of your workout data, give you feedback, provide you with video examples of all exercises, and create a fun, competitive environment with other MadLab Performance members.

MadLab Performance Nutrition Coaching with MyFitnessPal


MadLab’s top-notch Nutrition Coaching program utilizes MyFitnessPal to provide you with meal plans, give you diet feedback, and help you meet your nutrition goals.

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