FFT3: Recovery – Where’s it Going Wrong?

Recovery – Where’s it Going Wrong?

I wrote an article a couple months ago about the importance of recovery and the “Big 3” elements involved. After taking some time to think about these things, I thought of how difficult it could be to achieve for some people.

As someone who must balance several responsibilities while trying to find the time to get in at less than satisfactory workouts, I can understand the struggle. A lot of times what must happen is a compromise of one of those “Big 3”.

So how do I know where and how to compromise?

The answer is complicated and simple. It depends. It depends on your schedule, your priorities, and what area you tend to struggle with. For me, I choose to compromise on sleep. That doesn’t mean I just let it fly out the window so to speak, but I do my best and take what I can get. I have to get up very early for work usually so in order to spend the time I want to with my son and wife, I stay up a little later than I probably should.

If you have to give up sleep, you have to make sure that the other areas of your recovery are on point. Once that second area starts to slide, trouble is just around the corner. Nutrition and hydration should be kept as close to ideal as possible. They will go a long way to overall health, especially if sleep is compromised.

Movement can be manipulated to still be satisfactory even if some of it is compromised.

Next time I will talk more about how we can make movement work in a busy schedule! Thanks for reading and tune in next time!

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Josh Kruhm, CPT, USAW-1, WLS, PES

Josh has experience with anything and everything, from prenatal and postpartum care to coaching high school athletes as they prepare for high-level DI careers. He specializes in getting the most out of whoever he is coaching. Josh is the Director of Education for MadLab Performance and manages the company’s personal trainers. He also is a frequent contributing writer for MadLab’s continuing education articles. Josh may be contacted by email at: josh@madlabperformance.com

This article does not necessarily represent the views/opinions of MadLab Performance LLC. This article is not meant to recommend health solutions in place of a doctor or other medical professional and should only be used to help those reading it gain more information prior to making their own decision.

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